Dr. Courtney Huck - Veterinarian


Dr. Courtney Huck grew up in a small town in southeastern Ohio.

Dr. Huck's family has a long history of farming in that area and she grew up taking chickens and pigs to the county fair through 4-H. She later moved to Columbus, OH, and attended The Ohio State University for both undergraduate and veterinary school. Dr. Huck found a strong passion for the human-animal bond and helping owners care for their beloved pets. She started her career at a small animal hospital in Columbus before making the move with her husband to the Asheville area.

In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, scuba diving, and woodworking. She also keeps busy with her four furry family members - She has a big fluffy orange cat named Butternut, a petite little old lady calico named Cally, a flat-coated retriever named Sadie, and the sweetest golden retriever mix named Zoey.