Dr. Miki Kedo - Veterinarian


Dr. Miki Kedo grew up primarily in the Midwest- spending time in Illinois, Indiana, South Carolina, Ohio, and Michigan.

Dr. Kedo loved animals growing up and spent most of her adolescent life in and around horse farms. The combination of animals and medicine were a perfect fit for her.

She attended Ohio State University for undergrad and went to Michigan State to attain her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduation, she moved to Bonn, Germany for an extensive year-long internship in equine medicine and surgery. After her internship, she moved back to the states and joined an equine practice in rural NC before transitioning to small animal practice in 2013. She enjoys surgery, dentistry, and working with geriatric patients.

She has 2 bottle baby kittens that became foster fails named Teddy and MJ. In her free time, her husband, Nick, and her enjoy horseback riding, racing mountain bikes, skiing, and traveling.