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The Best Cat Teeth Cleaning Toys

January 18, 2021

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

For many Asheville area residents, the debate rages on. Dogs are typically better hiking and camping partners than cats. Dogs are sad to see you leave your home but delighted to welcome your return. They are seen as more playful and eager to please. However, dogs are often larger, smellier, and more demanding than cats. Feline friends cuddle more efficiently in your lap, take care of their own business, and owners will say they are just as fun as dogs. At Avery Creek Pet Hospital our position is, "Why not both?"

Cats have earned a reputation for being independent and most certainly are quite capable of taking care of their own needs! However, when it comes to their dental health, we owners need to step in. Regular brushing and routine visits to the vet for a thorough exam and cleaning are essential in preventing serious dental disease and other health issues related to lack of nutrition and bacteria in the bloodstream. Cat teeth cleaning toys can be a great addition to your oral health arsenal!

Try These Top 5 Cat Teeth Cleaning Toys

Cat teeth cleaning toys pull double duty: not only do they help with your dental hygiene efforts, but they can also keep your cat entertained and stimulated. This can curb unwanted behaviors (like them gnawing on your favorite shoes). Here are some ideas.

1. The Pelay Pet Chew Toy

This is a great chew toy for cats (and it also works for dogs!) It lets your feline friend indulge in their desire to chew while stimulating their mind and body. The durable ball is interactive; you can insert treats into it and let your cat work to retrieve them. The round design lets them bat it around, one of a cat's favorite activities. The Pelay Pet Chew Toy is a workout - and it's great for their teeth! The design essential cleans them while they play.

2. Deyace Catnip Sticks

These reusable catnip sticks are 100% organic and do not have any preservatives or additives. While your cat chews on them, it cleans the plaque from their teeth, a must for maintaining oral health and avoiding problems like gingivitis and gum disease. Plus, if your cat gets a little wild in the evenings, this will mellow them right out!

3. Petstages Catnip Dental Toy

Another toy that both soothes and cleans, the Petstages Catnip Dental Toy features a fun, colorful design in bold green and blue. The toy looks like a spider; the green legs allow your cat to carry it easily from place to place, and the blue is bristly for great cleaning power. Plus: catnip!

4. Nylabone Cat Sweetheart Mouse

Nylabone is a well-respected name in the pet toy world, and this awesome little mouse is just one reason why. You can hide a treat or two inside; while your cat tries to get it, they'll chew their teeth clean.

And parents, if you're a little squeamish about critters, this is one mouse that you'll love to have around the house.

5. Orca Wiggle Worm

The Orca Wiggle Worm promises a stimulating time for your cat. Infused with catnip, it'll keep your cat engaged, and the textured surface will do a terrific job cleaning their teeth.

Do You Still Need a Professional Cat Teeth Cleaning?

Yes! Cat teeth cleaning toys are a great addition to your pet's oral hygiene routine, but they do not replace a thorough checkup and cleaning by your vet. Avery Creek Pet Hospital in Arden is a veterinarian office you can trust for your feline's teeth and overall wellness. To keep your cat as healthy and happy as possible, schedule their appointment with Avery Creek Pet Hospital today.