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What Your Dog Can Expect at a Veterinarian Wellness Visit

February 17, 2021

Here in Asheville and Arden, we line of furry friends.

You see dogs everywhere you go. Whether it's on the trail, at your favorite brunch spot, or perusing the River Arts District, you are going to see some friendly tails wagging. As more people have access to the vaccine, life is slowly returning to normal in western North Carolina. It has been a long year of being cooped up inside for you and your dog. You may be ready to take your canine everywhere you go this spring. However, before you hit the road and trail, it is important to schedule your dog's wellness checkup. Here are a few reasons you should schedule your pup's wellness check-up and what they can expect when they arrive at Avery Creek Pet Hospital.

Why You Should Schedule a Wellness Check-Up

Everyone wants their canine friends to live long and healthy lives. You probably wish you could spend more time with them and take them everywhere you go. Regular wellness checkups help your veterinarian identify health concerns early and help you make adjustments to their diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Some of what this appointment will reveal includes:

  • Your dog's physical fitness for daily exercise
  • Your dog's readiness for activities like hiking and camping
  • The health of your dog's teeth and gums
  • Chronic pain you did not know your dog was experiencing
  • The effectiveness of your dog's diet and nutrition
  • Whether your dog is aging well
  • Hidden diseases from which your dog may be suffering

You can see how vital it is to schedule regular visit's with your dog's veterinarian. What can your dog expect during a visit?

What Your Dog Should Expect during a Regular Wellness Check-Up

Here is what your dog can expect during a wellness checkup:

  1. Friendly Veterinarians and Staff: The first thing your dog will notice is the friendliness and kindness of our veterinarians and staff. At Avery Creek Pet Hospital, we love our pets and yours as much as you do. Your dog will fall in love with us too.
  2. Experience and Expertise: We have been caring for Asheville area dogs for decades. We have the experience and expertise to make sure your dog has the care they need.
  3. We'll Ask About Their Pet History: Whether you have a young pup or a senior dog, we need to know about their past help. With the correct information, we can better detect issues.
  4. A Full Scan for Abnormalities: We are going to give your dog a thorough exam, searching for any potential abnormalities. If we find something, we will investigate further to get all the data we can to make sure we send you home with a good plan.
  5. An Exam of Their Teeth, Eyes, Ears, and Heart: You know your dog has a big, loveable heart, but our team will help make sure it is ticking the way it should. We will examine your dog's most vital organs, as well as their vision, hearing, and dental health.
  6. We Will Do Blood Tests: Blood tests help reveal anything that might be wrong with your dog. Our staff will conduct careful and safe blood tests to see if there is some part of their health that can be improved.
  7. We Will Test for Parasites and Heartworms: Parasites and heartworms are ongoing dangers for your furry friend. We will test to make sure there is no heartworms present and provide you with steps to prevent them in the future.
  8. We Will Ask About Changes in Behavior: If your pet cannot tell us about changes in their behavior, you may be able to help. In fact, before you bring them to us, be prepared to answer a few important questions, including:
  • Is your dog eating as much as usual?
  • Is your dog going potty regularly?
  • Is your dog able to walk as often as usual?
  • Is your dog running and jumping in its typical fashion?
  • Is your dog's temperament normal? Does your pup seem irritable or frightened?
  • Does your dog's breath smell unusually foul?
  • Is your dog regularly eating grass?
  • Is there anything else about your dog's behavior that has changed recently?

Old and young, energetic and docile, all dogs need to visit their trusted veterinarian regularly. Many dogs missed their routine wellness check-up in the last year due to the pandemic. Make sure you reconnect with us as soon as possible. Avery Creek Pet Hospital is conveniently located in Arden, NC, just south of downtown Asheville. Contact us to schedule your dog's routine wellness check-up today.